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March 02, 2010


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Tony Green

thanks for that glorious comment, Wilton cheers T

Wilton Rodger

Hullo Tony Green-Wilton here-congratulations are due
reading b/w the lines-happiness is best shared with the other not thine twin or evil brother; The Double is stacked in the boxes as you move from singular and silenced.Now by jouissance as you dance partnered beneath the stars-the galaxy
of hope and beauty lovers and guitars.
"It's not like the old days"
"Who is this geezer?"
"I said.oh never mind-excuse me nurse.."
" The batteries going on my kindle"
"Thats never good no,no:Whats a kindle?"
"Its a place where they
burn witches!"
"oh! Of course I remember now"
"Mr Green"
"My darling your eyes are so translucent"
"-you should see them under the moon"
"When she be full"
"Ah and waxing still"
"I have a waning kindle"
"We will draw the curtains"

"Oh Lydia! If only you knew"
"Oh Antonio, I do, I do.place the
kindle in my right hand-I have such
a full battery"

"You do?"
"The moon is conjunct and Saturn doth rein"

"A transcental orchestration!"

"There!Your kindle is like a glowing
coal-and you may read on forever and
tell me of epiphanies unsung"

"I knew someday my princess would come"

"Oh.Indeed I have,Dearest-all from Amazon"

"A mad world my Masters"
"No more. Two makes one
"and then tis I and thou"

"hills and rivers and chimneys
in the rain.."

"You must go before Dr Benway arrives"

"I have an i-pod crammed with subversive
variants-take it -rest sleep-"

"Thank you Lydia"
"I must be gone"

The curtains were flung open as Antonio
inserted the i-pod into his aural cavity

He realised he was happy and in the quiet
of the ward-he wandered galleries,recalling
Monet- and Gaugin.A hypno -gogic reverie fell
like a bright new cloud covering him.

The perfection of the possible.
He understood
he was in love.

He recalled Dalai Lama
"sleep is the best meditation"

Then sleep came,Sir Morpheus with retinue

And Tony knew that once more he has the victory
over death-- as the slideshow of MacCahon's
slid across his inner eye,Muriwai and Jump

Tony wherever you are now-Gramsci and Elwyn
Richardson both bless you.Now obviously its
time to track the Seven Sacraments.Twice.

A dozen.Forty second street.Nicolas Poussin

-We'll link synaptically again. Love. Peace.
And Revolution.Keep working! It is so beautiful
and fills the world with hope,even so it be harsh.

talksoon--Wilton Rodger.

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